11 things Delhi University students can totally relate to

Posted by
Ankita Chatterjee
on April 9,2017


Probably the only university with such a rich package of alumni such as Big B, King khan, Arjun Rampal, Konkona Sen Sharma and many more. Looks like Bollywood has emerged from DU itself.

2.Cultural festivals

DU students wait eagerly for the month of Feb and March as these comes with series of events from concerts, fests, inter college competitions and most importantly celeb night.


DU students undoubtedly get the general election feel every year. DU elections is absolutely standardized and one of a kind. Also elections comes with a lot of celebration and free food.

4.Morning classes

You're a rare visitor to early morning 9 a.m classes. You feel like a warrior when you finally make it.


When it comes to quality time and great food, life of a DU student is incomplete without Hudson, Satya and GK.

6.First bench

You better be early to class or you'll find yourself in the prestigious first bench with constant eye contact with the professor


You master the art of bargaining once you're in DU.


No matter how many assignments you have or how much tired you are , you're always ready to go to Sarojini and Lajpat nagar.


You feel the sudden pressure of submitting the assignments just 10 days prior to your exams. You get panic attacks once your professor threatens you of not accepting anymore assignments.


Canteen is the place where the drabbest sounds the brightest. Ultimate place for debates- divided by opinions, united by canteen.

11.Always broke

Paying less to the e-rickshaw becomes too obvious coz you're always broke.